Introducing a new marketing resource for credit unions.

Making Members shares the latest ebooks, posts and case studies to help you make closer, more valuable connections with the people and communities you serve.

HELPful Insights for Credit Union Marketers

Featured Marketing Resources

The CU Guide to Branding & Credit Card Design

Ready to breathe new life into your brand? Discover a wealth of sound advice and practical design ideas for crafting the confidence-inspiring brand your members want and deserve.

The Best Kept Secret

How can you address enduring misconceptions about credit unions? With delightful and disarming messages that connect with the hopes and aspirations of your future members.

Positivity Posts

If Credit Unions were a brand new idea...

If America's first non-profit ‘bank,' owned by and exclusively dedicated to its members, was created TODAY, how would Apple introduce the first credit union? How would you?

September 10, 2019
One Patriotic Thing

If ever America needed patriots to move our country forward, it’s now. But in these divisive times, how do we come together to build a better tomorrow?

September 10, 2019

Case Studies

Inventing objects of desire.

Today’s credit card print technology offers a remarkable array of speciality plastics, foils, colored cores, and finishes to make your card the one they reach for first.

Two audiences, one design.

ACU requested a truly special card series that would speak to both military families and the neighboring communities which support them.

Re-designing an international card series.

The challenge: move the Butterfield identity upscale while achieving consistent branding across continents.

“Responsive, curious, good humored and easy to work with, Fred and his team produced a knockout card series which has received universal praise.”

Vice President, Marketing
America's Credit Union

"Shamlian is THE BEST agency I’ve ever worked with on any First Data project. I truly appreciate all your hard work, concern, attention to detail, and impeccable teamwork!!!"

Mara Pierro
Customer Service Specialist
First Data Card Products

"Experience the wonderful world of Shamlian – the highest quality creative, superior service and quick turnaround! (I feel the love!)"

Bank of America

"Thanks so much for our new Visa cards. The entire Shamlian team has been spectacular to work with."

Wescom Credit Union

Shamlian Creative:
a ready resource committed to your success.

The brand marketers of Shamlian Creative have long been a go-to resource for leading financial firms. Now we’ve set a new course: supporting community credit unions with insights and innovative solutions to help you build more valuable member communities.

Fred Shamlian
President & Creative Director

Our methodology for Making Members:

Fuse Data Science + Positive Psychology

By fusing wide-ranging member data with the principles of positive engagement, we help you see the member relationships you have, and cultivate the valuable brand relationships you want.

Craft Irresistible Invitations

In the age of content, we define marketing as messages which extend irresistible invitations to the people who are your reason for being.

Find the Spotlight

We identify currents in the media with the potential to embrace the credit union story, and inject messages designed to animate the discussion and achieve maximum appeal. (For an example, please read our post “One Patriotic Thing.”)

Some of the financial innovators we have served.
It’s time to mean more to your members.
Non-profit, member-owned credit unions are uniquely qualified to craft brand messages that inspire trust and loyalty. The challenge is to distill those messages into compelling card designs, shareable social content and memorable member and community experiences. That's how you level the playing field with the payment world’s big players.