One Patriotic Thing

Fred Shamlian
September 10, 2019

If ever America needed patriots to move our country forward, it’s now. But in these divisive times, how do we come together to build a better tomorrow?

Is there something we can do right now? One bright, simple step towards a more confident future?

Yes. Join a community credit union.

A credit union’s sole mission is to help its members achieve their goals. Instead of making money from you, non-profit credit unions help you to manage your money better.

Credit unions support healthier, more self-reliant communities.

Unlike big banks, which drain community dollars to invest in speculative trades for profit, credit unions invest members' dollars locally to meet the needs of families and businesses. And credit union profits are returned to the members as higher interest savings and lower interest loans.

What’s more, every member has a vote on how their credit union is managed.

In the 2008 financial crisis, when big banks were failing, personal savings in credit unions were better protected, and their communities were less affected by the downturn.

Choosing to support something so genuinely confidence-inspiring – for ourselves and each other – is one patriotic thing we can do today.

Credit unions, it’s time to set the record straight.

Credit Unions need to get as good at telling their story as they are at serving their members.

With the election process in the spotlight and Americans looking for a better way, now is the time to let people know all the good that credit unions do. Your story has the power to rekindle optimism and trust.

We want to share with you a simple, delightful idea for telling your story. “The Best Kept Secret” fuses data science and positive psychology to correct the misconceptions and connect with the people who are your reason for being.

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Fred Shamlian
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Non-profit, member-owned credit unions are uniquely qualified to craft brand messages that inspire trust and loyalty. The challenge is to distill those messages into compelling card designs, shareable social content and memorable member and community experiences. That's how you level the playing field with the payment world’s big players.