Two audiences, one design.

An innovative CU delivers a unique card series.

Founded in 1954 to meet the needs of the Lewis-McChord military base in Washington state, America’s Credit Union now serves multiple military bases, as well as families and business professionals in the surrounding communities. ACU Marketing Director David Hughes needed a distinctive Visa card series that would resonate with both audiences. See how a forward-thinking leadership team and an effective design collaboration enabled ACU to successfully realize their vision.‍

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The brand marketers of Shamlian Creative have long been a go-to resource for leading financial firms. Now we’ve set a new course: supporting community credit unions with insights and innovative solutions to help you build more valuable member communities.

Fred Shamlian
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Non-profit, member-owned credit unions are uniquely qualified to craft brand messages that inspire trust and loyalty. The challenge is to distill those messages into compelling card designs, shareable social content and memorable member and community experiences. That's how you level the playing field with the payment world’s big players.